Grok POV - Chapter 01
Grok's Dream

Grok fell asleep on the floor. As he slept his foot would move. 

In the dream Grok was wading through a swamp. At the end of the swamp he saw a dwarf run into the woods. He ran after it and was revealed that it was Throndor. Throndor grabbed Tanzy by her throat and Tanzy yelled "Let me go! I can't breathe!" Grok ran up to Throndor and picked up Tanzy and put her on his right shoulder. "Hold on little one!" He picks up his Maul and swings at Throndor and hits him on the head. But Throndor was unaffected by the hit. Throndor bites Grok on the neck. Grok wakes up from his nap and looks at Tanzy from a distance and sees that she is alright. 

Grok POV - Chapter 0

Chapter 0 – Grok wakes up in a forest and doesn't quite remember what he drank the night before. Next to him is an empty barrel of moonshine that he took with him. However, since Grok doesn't have the ability to read he never knew what it was.

Grok said "That water tasted strange. Grok felt like water was why Grok woke up here. Grok is so thirsty."

Grok began to dig into the ground with all of his arms and dug deeper and deeper. Grok dug through the ground easily it almost felt like Grok was swimming in sand and dirt. Grok is able to move through the ground like a giant Drill. Eventually Grok kept digging when suddenly Grok hit his head on a wall of bricks and didn't see it coming.

"Dah! Grok's head hurts. Grok hit a wall." 

Grok turns the tunnel into a small room and had enough room to stand. He stares at the wall and notices that it's made of bricks. Grok takes his War Hammer and hits the wall like a sledgehammer. Grok smiles and makes his way into a dark hallway. Grok hears noises and follows the sounds.

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