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The Ascending Realms Beckon…




Between the Fires Above and the Waters Below, the drifting continents of Amalan are vast and uncountable. In perpetual motion since time immemorial, realms of mountains, woods, deserts and riverlands ever traverse ancient and mysterious orbits.



For three generations, the orbits of two realms have converged. Airships and wyvern riders have resumed contact and trade since the time of the last Convergeance. But conflict is brewing while old grudges arise once more, for the various tribes and confederacies of Khéya Wíta have been bitterly reminded of the greedy ambitions of the Westfolde's rival empires. Though traders and missionaries have come with good will, other imperials, accompanied by soldiers and settlers, have demonstrated their ulterior motives with trickery and aggression. Colonists have been sent by their lords and kings to flood tribal lands, seeking to subdue the native peoples and colonize the so-called "new world." A world they believe destined to become their own.



Yet hope remains. For rebellion stirs in the hearts of the invaders. And new heroes and heroines from both worlds now rise to face the challenges before them. But the choices are theirs to make. Will they work to overcome their peoples' mutual distrust, to reclaim an honorable future of peaceful coexistence? Or will they repeat past wrongs and seek the path of dominion and greed instead?



And while they choose, an ancient and long forgotten evil stirs in the darkness, awakened from its long slumber…

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Amalan Kartari