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Quest for the Triple Jewel




Long ago, before the days of the Ancient Ones, a sorcerer of unmatched power was sentenced to eternal imprisonment… by his own kind.  But what should not have been forgotten was lost: the foretelling of his return, and the doom of the world…

Shall none be the wiser 'til it's too late?


Welcome to Amalan, o noble adventurer!

A new realm looms on the horizon of the old.  A land shrouded in superstition, myth, and legend.  Rumors abound of vast wealth and hidden treasures, of long lost secrets of an ancient era, and of arcane lore and powerful magicks.  Thus have treasure hunters, mystics, and sages traveled the vast Ocean-Sea in search of these.


From the Westweald in the east didst the first explorers discover this land, new unto them. A new hope it was for them.  Seeking their freedom and their fortune, many have set sail o'er the vast Ocean-Sea to reach the shores of this realm they call Apophia. Twas but three generations ago that this new land was found.  Yet, it remains largely unexplored to this very day. For many an adventurer set foot upon her wilder realms… yet naught but few have returned to tell their tales.


For Apophia was not the uncivilized wilderness it was claimed to be…

Vast peoples and polities span the realm that is called Kheya Wita in the native common tongue. Tribal alliances and nations of humans, elves, centaurs, and more have lived and died on these lands for an epoch before the arrogant newcomers claimed it for their own.  Holed up in the vast city of Greyfare at the mouth of the great Anduin River, this urban feudal realm of ash and metal unsettles the natural order and its natural peoples with perpetual fume and filth.  With natural magicks to withstand their toxins and diseases, native Kheya Witans have thwarted all attempts to date by the newcomers to expand further.

Some newcomers have settled more peacably to the south, though. In the town of Seawell, the capital of a more amicable and fair-minded representative republic of villages, so-called Old Worlders from the Westweald have tried to live more harmoniously with the native nations surrounding them.  Although troubles plague the southern realms as well…


You begin as one of the inhabitants of Seawell or of a surrounding native nation.  As you and your companions-to-be set upon your first adventure together to save the benevolent town from a budding threat, your choices begin to set the stage for events yet-to-come.


For an ancient and long forgotten evil stirs in the darkness.  Plotting its escape from eternal imprisonment, it weaves its servants into the world as a venomous spider weaves its webs.  Sensing their prey upon its network of webs, the stealthy predators wait for their moment to entrap and feed upon their prey: all who stand in their Master's way.

The quest for the Triple Jewel now commences, with vying interests seeking to locate and recover the components of this ultra-powerful artifact, each aiming to serve very different purposes.

Will you and your companions help to uncover and foil this ancient threat to life as we know it?

We shall see…

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